Services that we offer our hygienists include:

  • Claiming more for tax deductible expenses, benefits and allowances
  • Advice on protecting self employed tax status
  • Preparation of your annual accounts
  • Preparation of personal and business tax returns and submission to H M Revenue & Customs
  • Advice on tax liabilities and payments

At Hodson & Co, we are committed to helping Hygienists. To enable you to budget accordingly we offer fixed monthly or annual fees.

Whether you are a Dentist, Associate or Hygienist we offer a free no obligation financial health check up as well as:

  • fixed competitive fees
  • unlimited free meetings
  • unlimited telephone support

Contact Us

Hodson & Co | Wiston House, 1 Wiston Avenue
Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 7QL

01903 238 628

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